Whatsapp has released update for Nokia s40 phones like Nokia Asha 201, 205 and Nokia 206. Unfortunately people are facing problems with update. Also the they are not able to Check whatsapp since the last date has approached and every-time they are prompted to update it.

This copy of whatsapp has expired. please click update to start the upgrade process.

Whatsapp update problem on Nokia 206 [Solved]

But when you try to update it you get either phone memory full Error or after connecting to whatsapp server you get ‘unsupported file format’ error.

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The ‘unsupported file format’ error occurs when whastapp downloads update file which is not supported by the phone, in this case Nokia 206. If there is no supported update then why did you keep on getting update prompt? Actually updates prompts are pre-scheduled in the whatsapp messenger itself. When that particular date of the calender occurs its automatically prompts you to update. On whatsapp server side, the update file are made available on that particular scheduled date.

But in the case of Nokia 206, they have made the wrong update files available on the server. For this you will have to wait till they make the right file available. while they fix it you can access your whatsapp messages by simply tweaking date settings.

Goto Settings on your Nokia 206 and change the date to previous month. No need to change time or day, just change the month field and you are done. Now goto Menu and open whatsapp. you will be able to access you messages without any issues. Make sure you change the date to not more than 1 month behind.

Now to check if whatsapp has fixed the update issue, just click settings in whatsapp and click About, now click check for update. If you get any issues on this, let me know. will solve it as soon as possible.


  1. I’m using a Noki 205 and when I upgrade to the latest whatsapp version 2.12.49, the application gives a “Unable to Start!” notice. What’s the issue here? The previous version was working just fine

  2. Hi Nokia 206 phone memory is almost full coz I upgraded my what’s app…so to free my memory what should I do..?? Pls help..

  3. plr help me wit my nokia m6 fail to upgrade and it is not opening.that is the problem wit my whatsapp is not upgrading

  4. hi AShwin,

    Even though, I have changed the month, it still asks for “UPDATION”.(CERTIFICATE INVALID ACCORDING TO PHONE’S DATE) . Pls fix it