This is the common error an android phone in mediocre range gets every now and then. And this happens specifically for whatsapp app due to its unusual nature of looking for more free space for file storage, although it has enough space for itself to get installed.

As the error message reads free up some space, the user immediately tries to delete data or uninstall other apps in an attempt to free up some space. In the end he does frees up some space but still whatsapp will trow same error messages.

whatsapp out of space problem

The easiest way to get rid of this error is to factory reset your phone but you will endup loosing all the data stored on your phone hard drive. Another recommended way is to install “root Browser” app.

First Install this app called “Root browser” Its completely free. After installing this app, open it and goto data folder. In the data folder click open App folder(root >> data >> app).

In the app folder look for this file “com.maxmpz.audioplayer-1.odex” and delete it. Now your phone is ready to install whatsapp without any errors. If you find any difficulties in doing the above steps or if you are getting other error, please feel free to comment below.