When Apple finally launched its two flagship mobiles – iPhone 7 and 7 plus – it was again proved that no secret can remain a secret, especially in the modern technological world.

The new models were readily accepted, and people didn’t doubt the performance descriptions provided by the company.

Earlier, in the promotion of Apple Keynote, company executives referred to both mobiles as a pair.

It was told that both are the same – they have the same design, same software, same main camera and same performance – except one thing and which was a second telephoto lens in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

It seems that the last claim – that the both mobiles have same performance – isn’t true.

The question is why did Apple keep it as a secret?

When the legitimate test was run on the benchmarking and criterion software Geekbench, it was revealed that the iPhone 7 Plus has 50% more ram than the iPhone 7. And certainly, considering this revelation, iPhone 7 plus has a considerable performance advantage over the iPhone 7.


Even before the launch of these two mobiles, there were widespread speculations that the Apple Company will give iPhone 7 plus the additional ram.

The speculation diminished when the Apple Company, in its presentation, didn’t mention any performance difference.

It is possible that the Apple Company saw if they would reveal this performance gap, they might portray iPhone 7 as a degraded handset.


There also arises this question that is Geekbench speculating right, and my opinion is it’s true. When iPhone 7 plus was tested with the help of this software it clearly indicated “iPhone 9,4 signature” and you might ask, why 9,4? It showed 9,4 because 9,1, 9,2, and 9,3 are storage tiers of iPhone 7.

From all these revelations, you might think that there is a huge performance gap between the two mobiles because of the 50% extra ram in iPhone plus, and it is also possible that you might be thinking to cancel the pre-order of iPhone 7 because now you want to buy iPhone 7 Plus.

Those of you who are planning such things must note that there isn’t any performance gap between these two mobiles, and why is that? It is because of the following reasons mentioned below.

The main reason is that the iPhone 7 plus has much higher resolution than that of simple iPhone 7 – that is to say iPhone 7 has 750p display while iPhone 7 plus has 1080p display – that is why it will require more power.

The other reason is that iPhone 7 plus has two rear cameras and to process its dual camera photos, it will take more energy.

All these controversies notwithstanding, Apple’s iPhone 7 is still the fastest mobile that Apple has created so far, even faster than the iPad Pro 12.9-inch which has 4GB ram.

If you want to brag in the office, then you should certainly buy iPhone 7 Plus.

This article is written by Franklee, who works at Rebateszone. He is a software engineer by profession and runs a software company. You can follow him on Twitter.