There are quite a few Mobile Spy App’s out there in the market that are mainly designed to monitor all the calls and messaging activity (sms,mms,email,chat) of the target mobile. These apps support almost all mobile platforms including Android and iOS. Out of these dozens of mobile spy Apps, we were able to get you the ultimate mobile spy software called mSpy, which is fully loaded with features like: Call tracking, Live Calls & Environment Listening, SMS & Email Tracking, GPS Location Tracking, etc.
mSpy free download apk
One thing that makes mSpy a top notch mobile spy app is that unlike other spy apps in the market that charge you on monthly or yearly basis, mSpy on the other hand will charge you only once. that means you can use mSpy app on any number of mobiles and as much time you want. You just need to buy mSpy license for once and enjoy it for lifetime with free future updates.

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mSpy can be set up to access anything and everything coming from the target phone. Imagine a shady room and your spouse talking to someone in person. With mSpy you can now turn the microphone of spouses mobile phone in to a Bug, recording surrounding conversations even if she is not on the phone.

mSpy features:

  • Call tracking: Records all calls. In addition, you can see how many calls were made for each number, at what time they were made, and how long each call lasted.
  • Live Calls & Environment Listening: With mSpy, You can even activate the target phones microphone, turning it into a room bugging device.
  • Whatsapp Monitoring: With mSpy, You can Monitor or spy all Whatsapp messages and conversations of your target phone.
  • SnapChat & Skype Monitoring: mSpy also supports SnapChat monitoring and Skype monitoring that makes it Unique
  • SMS & Email Tracking: You can read any sms or email. The messages are logged into your mSpy account as they are generated, so you can read them EVEN IF the holder of the phone erases them.
  • GPS Location Tracking: You can track the exact position of the phone using Google Maps. Find out if junior is really at the library or if your employee is really detained in traffic.
  • Photo tracking: mSpy uploads all photos sent and received on the phone to a web server where you can view them.

How mSpy Works?

After purchasing mSpy license, you will be able to download the installation module directly onto the target mobile via OTA (over-the-air). After the installation, each activity on the target mobile is recorded and uploaded onto the SpyBubble servers. You can then login to your online account from your PC to view the logs at any time.

A: Customer(you) purchases mSpy and downloads software onto the phone to be monitored. Customer configures program according to their monitoring needs.

B: Phone user performs SMS messages, URL browsing and call activities. mSpy Records the activities and then silently uploads logs to the mSpy servers.

C: Customer logs into their online account from any Internet connected PC. Here he can view all recorded activities in near real time.

Get it here >> mSpy Website >>


  1. Hi,
    Is spy bubble going to work on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Iphone 5? By downloading over-the-air do you mean that it is send directly to the mobile and you have to install it on it? How is it send? Do I need to let you know the phone numbe ror email address used on that mobile? Also, so I need to know the password of this mobile to get into it? Thank you for your reply.

    • Yes of-course it will work on S3 and iphone 5. OTA means you can directly download the installation on the victims phone via 3G or GPRS connection. By just entering download URL (example:

      and of-course if the mobile is password protected then u will obviously need the password to be able to install the software on it. after that the software will work in background. and will work in all the cases.

  2. Can i install spy bubble on Samsung Galaxy S7262 duos, Please let me . If I can install , then please send me step by step procedure to install it.

  3. If i buy this software once, how many phone i can tract with this? Or i have to buy one license for each phone i want to track?

  4. If this app needs to be installed on the phone belonging to the person I wish to monitor, will they not be able to see that app has been installed on their device?
    Thank you

  5. iv upgraded to pro but only thing different is bbm, how can I see the web browers history? as its not on my control page to view? plus (eg) last night I had the targets phone next to me, but the gps on spybubble was saying it was about a mile away.

  6. Is the monitoring software compatible with a mac ?

    i.e once i install the software on the target phone over the air can i monitor from my mac ?

  7. HI,

  8. I cant seem to find any software compatible with blackberry Q5 and Z10, does anyone know of something? or someone working on it? I purchased spybubble but we upgraded.

  9. Hi I purchased the spy bubble spyware but i didn’t receive any thing electronically. And how can i install this software if the target phone has a password and lastly is it compatabile with BBz10.

  10. hi I have gone through the installation bt its telling that we should instal it on targets phone if they are far from us how can we do that wil u plz explain about it

  11. how can i download spybuble on the target phone if he has a password it will work if the target phone rang me and i donload it in mean time we talking