Powermat, a wireless charging mat costing $100 aims to charge all your mobile phones and other devices at once wirelessly. Now no need to hunt for for your charger in a messy room. All you have to do is put the device to be charged on the top of the charging mat after attaching a receiver device to the gadget, and see it juicing up with life again.

Not only mobiles, Powermat charger can also help you charge your Nintendo DS units, Sony PlayStation Portables, netbooks, and laptops. That means no more headache of keeping separate chargers for each device, Powermat can manage them all.

Wireless charging gives you the freedom to power up your equipments by simply placing your devices (laptops to handsets to tablets) on the charging mat. You can also hide it, or incorporate it into furnishings and let all your gadgets charge.

The device has received positive reviews from all around the world. However, When it comes to price tag, It’s not the cheapest charging method we can think of. the price appeared to worry reviewers, who noted they were generally happy with the normal charging cords all gadgets ship with.