As you know, Motorola has released 2 New phones (Moto G 2nd Gen & Moto X 2nd Gen) last month with updated specs sheet, people were also expecting 2nd Generation version of its Budget Android phone Moto E. The Current Moto E has been priced well at Rs.6999/- and there are no chances of price cut at this time.

The Current Moto E gives tough competition to its Rivals like Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Android One phones, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, etc. with its 4.30-inch 540×960 display powered by 1.2GHz processor alongside 1GB RAM and 5MP rear camera. Apart from Camera, The Moto E beats them all in all Aspects.

Surprisingly, the Moto E is even better than Samsung’s Flagship phone Galaxy S5 in terms of App launch Speed. In a Series of App test carried out by YouTube user Tom Rich in his Moto E v/s Galaxy S5 Comparison, which involved Launching Camera App, Gallery App, Scrolling in Google+ App, The Moto E was always first to respond without any lag or slowing down. This proves that the Moto E is a pretty good performer itself.

moto e 2nd gen (moto e 2) release date

Talking about the Phone’s Display which is pretty decent, I believe the phone should have display size not more than 4.5 inches. But in the current time of Smartphones, large is the new normal. The then Apple chief Steave Jobs believed the same. he used say that the phone’s display size should be in such a way that it should be operable with a single hand.

The Current Flagship phones including Apple iPhone 6 are sporting huge displays. And that’s when you think that atleast mediocre smartphones will have decent Screen sizes, you end up finding phones with screen sizes even upto 5.5 inches.

#UPDATE: Moto e 2nd gen Specs and rumored release date leaked. click here!

The unique thing about Moto E is that its Display size. Unlike its competitors having large displays (above 4.5 inches), The Pocket Friendly Moto E sports decent 4.3-inch display which can be operated with just single hand. The curved back and the rounded corners of Moto E make you feel like you are holding a smooth pebble. The whole experience is so damn perfect that you do not feel the need for Moto E 2nd Gen, Only if it will have a Better Camera.

So if at all Motorola is planning on Moto E (2nd Gen), I would like the designers to keep the current form factor dimensions intact at the same time improving Display Quality and Size (upto 4.5-inch). A decent Camera with flash and inbuilt storage of 8gb.

Right now there is No news about Moto E (2nd Gen). If we get hold of any news or Rumours about Moto E (2nd Gen), we will Update on it asap. Stay in touch.


  1. I think they should make 1.
    It should be, 8GB inbuilt memory so that at least we can use 4GB to install & keep the phone updated, front camera with minimum MP with rear camera flash & thats it.

  2. Yeah I wish Motorola would realease Moto E 2nd gen too. The only major thing that needs to be changed is fixed focus camera to auto/touch focus camera. Flash is good but disposable. Even the display is good. I personally dont need a bigger phone just to have a bigger screen.

  3. What we all need frm Moto E 2nd Gen is 8gb inbuilt Memory..a good Auto focus camra with decent Flash..that’s it
    And the price shound be 7,500

  4. Moto E – 4G – with DUAL SIM

    Happy with moto e dual – 1st gen
    Will Get 4G IF DUAL SIM
    n rid of my old dual nokia
    Got 4 simcards for work purpose

  5. hellow ………this is sekhar……………we are waiting for moto e 2nd generation ……
    we have moto e 2nd gen with ………..lolypop os…………..fornt cam0.3…….8 gb internal ………..1 gb ram……..1.2ghz core……8 mega pix camera….4.7 inch screen ………….etc etc

  6. plz provide good battery back up of about 3000mah or above and should reduce the radiation rate (SAR value)
    but shouldnot exceed the weight of the phone about 143 gm.. ..

  7. mostly Motorola phones are high radiation absorption rate ( high SAR Value )…. I hope that this should be minimised with 2nd Gene moto e…
    plz provide new moto e with better camera clarity and good battery back up of about 3000mah or above …

    And the servicing facility should be made better .

  8. Hi, I bought moto e2 15days back…..when went through its specification PRI camera was 5 mp….but now while using camera, quality is very poor….do I need to do any changes in settings for proper quality