There are already couple of waterproof smartphones available in the market like Sony Xperia Z and Samsung galaxy s4 Active. If you are a adventurous person who loves water like anything and own an iPhone 5, you must have wondered, why on earth this overpriced Phone doesn’t have waterproof and shockproof technology. However if you want to make it waterproof, There is 1 way. All thanks to latest iPhone 5 cases with waterproof technology.

how to make iPhone 5 waterproof dustproof

There are dozens of waterproof cases available for your iPhone 5. And they do make your phone Waterproof. And almost all of them have a screen cover that comes between your finger and the iPhone 5’s retina display screen.

But there 1 iPhone case that will make your iPhone 5 Waterproof, Dustproof, Snowproof and Shockproof, yet it doesn’t have a Screen cover that means you can experience the iPhone 5’s retina display as intended by apple while giving it full proof Protection.

We are talking about the latest iPhone 5 waterproof case Nuud from LifeProof. Nuud features screenless technology, It protects iPhone 5 from plunges and fumbles without the need for a screen cover.

nuud for iphone 5 free waterproof case

It has been engineered to protect your iPhone 5 from water, rain, snow, sand, mud, scratches and shock. So if you are a adventurous guy who lives life on the edge, this Case will let you take your iPhone 5 everywhere..

Its screenless technology, sleek design, enhanced sound, CrystalClear optics and full access to every function and feature like Camera, microphones speaker controls, everything, You have total access. This makes it the Best waterproof iPhone 5 case you can ever have.

LifeProof’s Nüüd for iPhone is priced at $89.99.
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