If you tried updating your whatsapp software on your Nokia 206 recently, you should have encountered low disk space problem or unsupported file format error. In either situations you can still use whatsapp without updating it by changing date, this we discussed in my last post unsupported file format error.

This post is for you if you are facing low memory problem on your Nokia device while updating whatsapp or any other application. with low internal memory of just 64MB, your Nokia 206 is bound to face low memory problem. Since it has lot of pre-installed demo applications and games which are non-removable, you will be able to get just few MB’s as your free space.

low memory Whatsapp update problem on Nokia 206

Now lets see how you can free-up some memory. On your Nokia 206, maximum available memory you can make-up is upto 6MB.

GOTO Menu >> Apps >> Gallery >> Options >> Memory status >> Free memory. Here you will see around 2MB of free size. If not, you have personal data like a song, pictures, or a sound recording. To free some internal memory, please move all the music and other files from internal memory to memory card.

After deleting or moving your personal stuff, its time to delete default wallpapers which take almost 800kb. Once you have deleted default wallpapers, there will be enough disk space to update whatsapp on your Nokia 206.

If you still face low memory problem, then open whatsapp and delete all conversations that are not important. The whatsapp database takes considerably large space in MB’s. If you are unable to open whatsapp, change your date to previous months date in Phone settings.

Now goto menu >> click whatsapp and update it. If you face unsupported file format error, then refer our previous post.


  1. Hello Ashwin & thanks for the tips!

    Do You know how to remove from Nokia 206 preinstalled applications as Twitter, Facebook and get more free memory? Im trying to modify .NBF file, but can’t use it to “restore”
    (I’am trying to remove “_private” suffix and delete unused apps)