No wonder HTC One X was the best Android Smartphone ever until Samsung released its Next generation android Super-phone Galaxy S3. Both the phones have almost similar specifications. Both of them are running on a quad-core processor. HTC One X manages to offer upto 1.5 Ghz of CPU Frequency, While Galaxy S3 offers upto 1.4 Ghz. As per the Performance is concerned, Both are super-fast.

To measure this actual Performance difference between these two devices, one would only need a small piece of software called “Antutu benchmark tool”, available on Play Store. Some Guys have actually tried out a benchmark test using this Antutu benchmark tool, on both these super-fast android phones. And the results you can see below:

Benchmark Test of Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X

As you can see, inspite of having 1.5ghz of processor in HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3 beats HTC One X by pretty good points. Samsung Galaxy S3 scored 11878 points with amazing 2D and 3D score, while One X scored 9989 points with low score in CPU integer and CPU float-point parameters. But still HTC One X is the hottest high-end android smartphone available in the market and is certainly a Strong competitor.


  1. The battery of the HTC is almost dead and as such the OS may reduces CPU efficiency to conserve battery. This is not a fair benchmark IMHO