Google has now updated its iOS Gmail app. The latest version of the app, called version 1.2.7812 brings much-awaited push email Notifications support. The new Gmail app updates appear directly in your Notification Center. That means you can now configure the app to display banners, alerts, and lock screen notifications for incoming emails.

The New update now allows you to send e-mail using the “send as” feature, that means as long as you’ve got another Gmail account set up, the app now allows sending email from it. So if you are using multiple email addresses in a single gmail account then you should grab this update right now!.

The other features include persistent login, which means the app will no longer automatically log you out, forcing you to re-enter you credentials. that means the app remembers you the first time you login, eliminating the extra step while accessing your important email.

So in a nutshell here are the New Features:

  • Notification Center support. Banners, alerts and lock screen notification options.
  • “Send-as”. Alternate sender support, if configured within Gmail.
  • Persistent login. Sessions no longer expire.

You can download Gmail for iOS from iTunes below: