Its always terrible feeling when your phone accidentally falls down on the concrete surface or be your child throwing it down like a bouncing ball. The Scratches on your smartphone would eventually scratch your heart.

If you are one of those who hate putting on extra protective cover for your smartphone and rather love to flaunt its original Body with a risk of getting scratches, you will soon have a very good reason to be careless. LG is coming to the Rescue.

With the New “G Flex” Smartphone, which features slightly curved form-factor including Screen, LG has engineered revolutionary self-healing Body that fixes or heals all the little scratches and bruises within a few seconds. Apart from self-healing Body, the “G Flex” actually Flexes. You will soon see the demo below.


You can watch the Original factory demonstration by LG here: Youtube [link]. This promotional clip was filmed in a controlled temperature environment with the thermostat set to 81 degrees Fahrenheit and It seems the coating isn’t as effective in cooler climates. Though Heat helps speed up the healing process, you can always microwave it or create some heat rubbing the affected portion. Watch the Full hands on healing test below:

While it might not work exactly as advertised by LG, the new IDEA of coating self-healing material is a pretty big step forward for the everyday durability of our phones. Let’s hope this technology comes to other Smartphones sometime soon.