Facebook has launched its latest mobile app called “Facebook Camera”. Currently its available only for iOS devices and can be downloaded from app store. with almost similar photo effects of that of instagram, Facebook Camera has couple of more features in it. With this new app, facebook now has 3 feature dedicated mobile apps i.e. messaging app, brand pages app and now “Facebook Camera”.

Just a month back, facebook had announced its plans to acquire popular photo app company “Instagram” for $1 billion. So if you are thinking that this app was developed by the Instagram team, then you are wrong says the Facebook Photos product manager, Dirk Stoop, said that the company had been working on the app long before the Instagram deal and the Instagram team had nothing to do with the finished product.

Facebook Camera for iOS devices

Facebook Camera has about 14 photo effects that can be applied to your photos taken with facebook Camera, as well as those on your iPhone camera roll before being uploaded to your Facebook page. Like Instagram, your friends’ latest photos are displayed in a single scrolling feed.

The New Features include:

  • Multiple photo effects to give your snaps the ‘artistic’ touch.
  • Tap to tag – Just tap on photos to tag friends.
  • Enables quick sharing of photos.
  • Has a photo stream that just contains pics shared by your friends.
  • Batch photo upload – Simultaneously upload multiple photos to Facebook.


On the other hand according to the reviews of this app, we have learned that there are couple bugs in this app, for instance the slow load times and the inability to write captions for individual photos while uploading pics in batches. Also the filters are not very compelling, the quality of photo effects are way too down the level of quality that Instagram offered. Also, since the Facebook Camera photo stream will also include the pics that were shared through PC, not all photos will look as classy as Instagram.

If you are looking for some other alternatives to this camera app and as well as Instagram, then there are few other photo apps also that offers similar features like Camera+, FX Photo Studio and Snapseed.

Watch it in action: