If you are looking for funky and cool Speaker dock for your iPhone or iPad then please hold on for a minute and take a look at these extremely beautiful and officially licensed Angry Birds 2.1 speakers for your iPhone or iPad. These speakers by Gear4 will surely bring your favorite angry bird to life!.

The speakers come in 3 different models: Red bird, Helmet Pig and Black Bird. Just Plug it, doc your iPhone on it and Hit play. The Red Bird Speaker is compatible with all smart phones, MP3 players, tablets, and devices with a 3.5mm audio-out jack. Where as Black Bird and Helmet Pig is compatible only with iPad, iPhone and iPod.

1) Red Bird Speakers

Red Bird Speakers
Based on the iconic mainstay of the Angry Bird army, the Red Bird 2.1 Speaker is compatible with all portable music players, smart phones, and tablets. This powerful speaker can be connected to any compatible 3.5mm output using the included lead, and the universal stand allows you to easily scroll through your favorite music. Get it here >>

2) BLACK BIRD Speakers

The explosive Black Bird 2.1 Speaker Dock is guaranteed to shake any room with its powerful sound and deep bass. this speaker comes with a docking stand that’s compatible with all generations of Apple iPods, iPhone’s and iPads’, making it easier to watch your favorite movie or play game. Also included is a remote control, allowing you to organize your listening from afar. The BLACK BIRD can charge up an iPod, iPad or iPhone with its protective headgear while playing back its audio with two stereo speakers and a sub-woofer. Get it here >>

3) Helmet Pig Speakers

The sworn enemy of the Angry Birds, the Helmet Pig 2.1 Speaker Dock includes a dock at the top of the speaker, compatible with all generations of Apple iPods and iPhones. Also included is a remote control, allowing you to control your listening from the other side of the room. Like BLACK BIRD, Helmet Pig charges up an iPhone and plays audio in a similar fashion. Get it here >>