While the world is enjoying the new KitKat, designers are obsessed with the future Android OS. They are coming up with their expectations in Android 5.0 through beautifully designed concepts. And here we are presenting to you the Sleek and minimalist Android 5.0 UI Design created by Codebuild.

The UI looks very similar to that of Apples ‘iOS 7‘ with transparent UI, Though the Author claims everything is original except the blurry background and flat design itself. And of course – Apple did not invent it. The flat design hasn’t been created by Apple! It has begun with the Windows phone, proceeded with the Android 4 and the Apple has made it better!.

Android 5 Design 2014

While everything looks just perfect including the lock screen, the only feature we are concerned about is the “two finger swipe” which require both hands. I expect to interact with the screen with just one hand.

In short we liked it and appreciate the hard work by team Codebuild. While the concept looks cool, I don’t think we’re seeing this in the next Android version in Samsung mobiles atleast (Considering the fact that every phone maker having it’s own custom version of Android). Samsung definitely would not like to get sued by Apple for the nth time.

[ * ] Just if you are wondering, The Thin font used in concept is Android official (Roboto) font.